A translator is an application that is used to translate a language to another. You can imagine when I found myself in Brazil during the just concluded Olympics and I needed a taxi to take me to my hotel and I didn’t really know how to explain that to the driver, it really was a problem but with the translator from Brazilian translation agency I was able to say what I wanted in English and it was translated to Portuguese. The use of translator cannot be over flogged. It is really an application any foreigner should have. Today we will be reviewing top translation applications for smartphones.

GOOGLE TRANSLATOR : Available on Android and iOS

Whenever a translator is mentioned the next thing that shows up is the Google translate. This application which supports over 90 languages around the globe, it runs perfectly on android and iOS smartphones. This application also comes with a camera translation where you place the camera close to the mouth of the speaker and when he/she is done you can hear the translated version of whatever they said in your local language. Now isn’t it amazing? This works whenever you are traveling to a foreign country or touring different countries. Not only is this application free to download it is also very easy and reliable to use. It has also an offline feature which makes it possible to download the languages of your choice and use it even without internet services. This is more than anyone would need a translator.

BING TRANSLATOR : Available on Windows

Our next translation application is the Bing App, this Microsoft application provides translation in 43 different languages. It is a very flexible and easy to use application, language to translate and the language to be translated can easily be changed at the top of the application. This awesome application also supports camera and picture translations, you can take a picture of foreign writings and get a translation from Bing servers. It not only translates pictures but road signs, notice etc. it also has offline features, which means that you can download a couple of languages and use them without internet services.

ITRANSLATE : Available on Android and iOS

This is another marvelous translator, with a staggering support of over 90 languages of different countries. This application does not only provide you with the translations in a particular language, but its wide range can provide you with speeches of the translated language. It is a more translation application which provides you with the different meanings of words so that you can easily choose the one that best fits in the context of what is happening. This application has its premium version which has more features than the free version. It supports most popular languages of the world including English, mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, German etc

TRANSLATE VOICE : Available on Android

Translate voice is an android application only; it is a completely free application without premium costs or subscriptions. It is one of the best applications for language translations providing a massive amount of over 80 language translation with voice translation. It has most major languages including Arabic, Russian, French, English, Italian etc. it has platforms for spelling correction and improvement on the pronunciation of words. This application has a sharing ability whereby you can share your writings with any other person that has a translation application.

YANDEX : Available on Android and iOS

The Russian Yandex works at the same frequency with google translate. It also features most of the functions of Google translate and more. It features over 60 different languages of different countries. It carries out an online translation where every word you enter is translated instantly which makes it more effective and faster. It also supports pictures, signs, banners etc translation which happens instantly once you have an internet support. It has another special package where you can save the dictionary of any language of our choice. Also, It has the offline feature where you can download the translation of any language and use them offline without internet services.

These are applications that can easily come in handy when traveling or touring foreign countries. Now you know some of the best applications for translations. Do well to get yourself a translator before you embark on your trip, it will really save you a lot of problems.

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