Top Chef All-Stars Premiere: LIVE Reviews & Reactions

Top Chef All-Stars, season 8 of the Bravo cooking competition series, premiered Wednesday night, and we've scouring the world of Twitter for the best live-responses, reactions and reviews. See what everyone had to say, below, and tweet us at @HuffPostFood if you want to make sure we don't miss your tweet.

UPDATE, 12/2/10:

For a rundown of the Top Chef All-Stars premiere, check out Carol Blymire's recap and review at the Washington Post.

Also check out Anthony Bourdain's post over at the Bravo blog on some chefs' successful redemptions last night, and his harsh, scornful words for Fabio's dish at the judges' table. Here's a taste:

No one likes their work to be mocked. Fabio in particular. And yet mock I did. I couldn't help it. I mean, look at that thing. Its supreme ugliness only reinforced and highlighted by its presentation on paper, bringing to mind immediately and inevitably, the command oft directed at a bad puppy: "Go on the paper! The paper!!"

Did it taste that bad? Did it -- and by extension -- Fabio, deserve the kind of scorn I heaped on him?

I don't know. Clearly, I hurt his feelings. And seeing that, I feel bad. Really. To the extent that you can like anyone you know only from TV, I like Fabio. And I liked how he stood up for himself and gave some back at Judges' Table. If I were an employer looking to hire a chef from the among the All Stars, I'd think very seriously about Fabio. He's smart, likable, steady, level-headed in a crisis, and hence not easily flustered -- and I'm guessing he's a much better chef than evidenced on this first day, where he was challenged to "fix" a dish he's surely had plenty of time to think about. But...look at that thing. Really! Look again.

All reactions below are spoiler-free.

Top Chef All-Stars Reactions & Reviews