The Top 10 Cities People Are Moving To, According To CNN Money (PHOTOS)

RANKED: The Top 10 Cities People Are Moving To In 2014

If you're ready for a change of scenery in 2014, you're not alone -- millions of Americans change their residences each year in order to follow a job, experience a new lifestyle pace or sometimes just to forget that a season known as "winter" even exists.

But whatever the driving force might be, a city move has never been more popular -- but it depends on where you go. According to CNNMoney, which released Penske Truck Rental's annual list (see below for more) of top cities to move to in the country, certain metros are experiencing huge growth when compared to years prior. Well, except for Atlanta, which has snagged the No. 1 ranking for four consecutive years.

And while it might cost you more than it would have in years past to settle down in some of these areas, it's quite difficult to argue with the perks of fantastic weather, reasonable costs of living and thriving economies most of the list has to offer.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Home Price Growth Forecast: 5.4 percent

For the first time since the foreclosure crisis, "Sin City" is making its comeback and as tourism begins to regain traction, hospitality workers are making their way back in.
Denver, Colorado
Home Price Growth Forecast: 2.7 percent

Consistently ranked as one of the healthiest and most active spots in the country, outdoorsy folks are flooding the "Mile High City" for the obvious nature-centered lifestyle that currently coincides with a strong economy.
Chicago, Illinois
Home Price Growth Forecast: 2.7 percent

Hiring may be slower than desirable in the "Windy City," but that cannot distract from the fact that it offers the cultural perks of New York City for a much cheaper cost of living.
Seattle, Washington
Home Price Growth Forecast: 5.2 percent

Only in Seattle can you find the perfect combination of job opportunity, a well-known music and arts scenes and quality coffee. And as an added bonus, you get Super Bowl bragging rights until next February...
Houston, Texas
Home Price Growth Forecast: 3.9 percent

In this southern city, new residents aren't just greeted by relatively low unemployment levels of 5.6 percent -- they're greeted with the promise of another oil and gas economy boom thanks to the upcoming plans for a new ExxonMobil facility that will employ 10,000 workers.
Phoenix, Arizona
Home Price Growth Forecast: 4.3 percent

Similar to what has happened in Tampa and Las Vegas, where a flood of real estate investors have taken to giving foreclosures and cheap housing new life, Phoenix is quickly becoming quite the popular warm-weather destination.
Orlando, Florida
Home Price Growth Forecast: 2.9 percent

Warm weather, cheaper than Miami and, of course, home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World? It doesn't get better -- Well, except when the economy is strong and people start vacationing again, offering an increase in available tourism jobs, all of which is happening right now.
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas
Home Price Growth Forecast: 4 percent

Now the ninth largest city in the country, people are rushing in to this tech-friendly hotspot to get a piece of the action in what is being referred to as the "Silicon Prairie."
Tampa / Sarasota, Florida
Home Price Growth Forecast: 6.5 percent

While it will certainly cost you more than ever before, it's difficult to argue with the beautiful beaches, baseball fandom and job opportunities the city has to offer.
Atlanta, Georgia
Home Price Growth Forecast: 5.3 percent

Between a relatively low cost of living (less than half of what Manhattan's is) and dozens of Fortune 500 companies to offer jobs in the area, it's no wonder Atlanta has made this list four years running.

Source: Penske Truck Rental; National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo Bank provided data on median home prices and incomes. Home price forecasts from CoreLogic Case-Shiller. Penske compiled the list by tallying the number of consumer truck rental reservations for one-way moves that were made online and through its call centers last year.

To discover more details of the report, head over to CNNMoney.

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