Top Colorado Republicans Want to Restore Order Via the 10 Commandments

Why are the 10 Commandments so attractive to conservatives that talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt doesn't blink an eye when Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez says we should "go back" to the 10 Commandments to restore "some order in society."

Beauprez: "That's why God gave Moses those 10 Commandments, wasn't it, to keep some order in society. And I think that's what we've got to go back to."

Beauprez brought up the Commandments as part of his solution to the immigration tragedy along the border.

If I were Hewitt, I'd have asked how not coveting they neighbor's wife, not using the lord's name in vain, and not being an atheist would help the teenage migrants.

Worse is the free pass from real reporters that the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Rep. Cory Gardner, gets for his support of "public posting the 10 Commandments."

It's one thing for Beauprez to believe, personally, that moral fortitude of America will be found via a renewed commitment to the Commandments.

But it's another for Gardner, whose facing Sen. Mark Udall in November's election, to endorse state sponsorship of religious material. We can all agree that stealing is bad, but must we all have religion looking at us in the face in public spaces?

Where does Gardner want such postings? Courts? Schools? DMV? He deserves to be asked.