Top Companies You Should Know In 2017

Top Companies You Should Know In 2017
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We’ve sourced out companies who we believe will make game-changing advances in 2017 and who will disrupt their industries. Check them out below:

1VOICE NYC An accessories company that has infused tech into every piece, 1Voice NYC is sure to be a leader in 2017. Their charging bags are a top favorite of ours that have a 11,000mAH batter included in every pack, enough to charge your phone anywhere between 3 and 5 times. All while fitting enough clothes for any weekend getaway, The Trunk Weekender Bag is the perfect carry-all bag. The design is top-notch gorgeous as well.

PX UrbanWear With incredibly comfortable merino wool t-shirts and versatile invisible bags, PX Urbanwear is a leader in the apparel industry. We tried their t-shirts and couldn’t take them off. Their bags fit everything all and with their weatherproof lining, it also features a laptop and shoe compartment that will make your travels easy.

ScanPan This set of cookware made in Denmark is hard to beat with over 60 years of experience manufacturing pots for the home cook with the mission of inspiring greatness in the kitchen. Their Pro Cookware line is an amazing set for truly elevating foods. Tested, tried and loved by my own grandmother with 60+ years of amazing home-cooking, we can absolutely say that ScanPan is a sure-fire win.

Shark Wheel A leader of the boarding industry, Shark Wheel’s most signature look is through their amazing deck designs and sidewinder wheels. Built for smooth riding, Shark Wheel has established itself as a forerunner for a reason—their boards are simply the best. Used and loved by skateboarders around the world, Shark Wheel is the one to look for for your next adventure.

Monster Digital The company to look to for any of your sports camera videography needs is Monster Digital, without a doubt. With their inspiring line of cameras from VR to action sports, Monster Digital supplies all of your needs. We tried out both of these cameras and saw the action for ourselves through the lens, and we were stunned. The awe-factor with these cameras is truly wonderful and should be experienced by every adventurer, every athlete, anyone wanting to show the world their own view whether that be from a mountain top or flying through the skies.

Mela Artisans Mela Artisans is a beautiful furniture and decor company that sources their products from an incredible line of materials. One stand-out was their pinstripe box that is made of natural bone and resin. Handcrafted, this box was meant to live on your coffee table. Mela Artisans also features a line of jewelry that truly stand out as statement pieces for any style.

Krups Krups brings to your home the world’s easiest, and most useful coffee-maker. But wait, it’s not just a coffee-maker. With the ability to make espresso, coffee, lattes, and more, Krups also removes the need for additional appliances with its built-in coffee grinder. Truly the most integrative and beautifully designed coffeemaker out there for the home, this coffee-a-holic stands for Krups. Easy to use, easy to clean, Krups make it so that going to Starbucks is more of a hassle.

VuPoint VuPoint has an ecosystem of home security devices that will make you feel safe and sound without the necessity for hard-wiring brand complex automation systems. We tried out the Toucan, an outdoor security camera that lets you monitor the outside of your home so you feel safe inside. With control at the touch of your fingertips with their notifications and companion app, can you receive alerts, live video feeds, and even speak to those at your doorstep.

LexDray With a collection of bags and travel gear perfect for any seasoned adventurer LexDray’s new signature item about to be released is its San Francisco Camera Pack using a modular system allowing you to carry all of your equipment and goods, safely. We love how easy the LexDray bag makes it to pack and travel with all of your gear, and we know you will too.

Boston Boot Co. Boston Boot Co. is the place to look when you are trying to find quality, durable boots that will withstand weather and circumstance. We tried out the Newbury boot and they were comfortable as ever with calf lining and anodized copper eyelets. A true beauty to look at and a classy element to wear.

GoodWoodNYC We love GoodWood products. With a variety of designs, styles, shapes, colors, sizes—you name it, you can find the perfect piece that will go along with your style. And if you don’t see anything you like, create your own custom design. Our favorites are their pendants which are instant eye-catchers and add personality and flair into your everyday life.

2120 If you’re looking for shoes that truly hit the mark, 2120 is the place to look at. Each pair is handcrafted in León, Mexico by master craftsmen. They sent us a pair of the Lace-Up Derby to give it a go and boy, were we happy. With a leather sole and insole, upon slipping the shoes in you could immediately feel and tell that this was a gorgeously designed and crafted shoe that is unmatched in the market.

Heys Luggage We loved Heys Luggage because they are lightweight, durable, and finished with a set of amazing wheels to make traveling a breeze. Using the Portal Set, I traveled cross-country and found not even a dent on them upon retrieving from the luggage carousel. Truly an innovation in the suitcase industry, Heys is working to make packing not a chore, but an exciting part of traveling—hint, it’s super successful.

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