Top Divorce Lawyer Has No Prenup, Blames Donald Trump for Trend

Top Divorce Lawyer Has No Prenup, Blames Donald Trump for Trend
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I had a great conversation on HuffPost Live Thursday with a Google Hangout filled with brilliant marriage and divorce experts - half were against prenuptual agreements, while the other half was adamantly in favor of them as a key staple in a 21st century marriage. Many good points were brought up, including the fact by psychotherapist Dr. Tammy Nelson that prenups aren't just for monetary issues but also mental, emotional, and sexual security. The irony of the entire conversation, however, is that not a single one of my married panelists actually had a prenup in their current marriage! Raoul Felder, who manages the creme de la creme of celebrity divorces, fighting for many multi-million dollar deals for spurned spouses, actually scoffed at the idea that he and his wife of many years could have signed a prenup, suggesting that "in his day" they were rare. Were he getting married today, Mr. Felder insisted that he would certainly sign one, but that a postnup was useless in his relationship because "it's been so many years." Mr. Felder is married to a divorce lawyer, so perhaps that in itself is a prenup, but he candidly suggested that "Donald Trump" is the culprit when it comes to the increase in interest regarding prenuptual agreements.

Watch a clip of the segment below. For the full conversation, visit HuffPost Live here.

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