The Most Popular Dog Names Of 2015

The name Max is just so fetch 🐩

Some pet owners treat their canines like their kids. This couldn't be more evident in a round up of the year's most popular dog names: According to a recent survey by, 49 percent of pet owners gave their pup a human name in 2015. Compared to 2013's results, in which 19.88 percent of dogs were given people names, this is a huge spike (get it? no? sorry.).

So say farewell to Fido, Fluffy, Lassie and King. Many of 2015's trendiest canine names were duplicates of the year's top baby names, which would make for one confusing time if both beings lived in the same household. Let's just hope that doesn't happen too often.

Is your four-legged pal en vogue this year? Check out the graphic below to see if your pooch is one cool cat.

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