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Top Five Date Ideas in Australia

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I'm on the mission to find the best places around the world to go on a date. Australia is one of the furthest places I have traveled to, but it was well worth the 20+ hour flight from the States.

The country is full of diversity - each city has its own culture, character and charm. Here are my top five date ideas in Australia.

Visit one of the world's natural wonders - The Great Barrier Reef - in Cairns, Australia. Take a boat ride on a catamaran to soak up the sun. Snorkeling and scuba diving are both great options to get up close and personal with the sea life.



Take a road-trip through the outback and explore the Chillagoe Caves. We hired a local guide who pointed out how mother nature created these massive structures of rock and sand. Beware! You might spot some bats flying above, but the views are worth it!



I love food. If you're a food lover as well, you'll be blown away by the Queen Victoria Market. It's massive and filled with vendors selling exotic fruits, organic vegetables, fresh seafood and various meats. Wander through the market and try something new!



Visit one of the tallest buildings in the world - The Eureka Tower. The sky deck on the 88th floor provides beautiful panoramic views of the city. It's the best place to catch the sunset in Melbourne. Bonus: The observation desk provides charging stations for mobile devices and a snack bar at the top.



Recommendation: If you're looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend the West Quay Suites - walking distance from the waterfront as well as Eureka Sky Deck.


5. Kangaroo Sighting

Visit the Tarango Zoo, a non-profit organization established this safe space for wildlife conservation. The zoo takes care of approximately 4,000 animals and it's the perfect place to spot a kangaroo as well as a variety of wildlife.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Australia and enjoy these dating recommendations along the way.

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