The Top 10 Food Searches On Google In 2018

Keto, E.coli and anxiety heavily influenced our queries about food this year.

Every year, Google releases lists of the most-searched terms by topic. And in 2018, the foods America Googled were bleak.

It seems the entire nation went on the keto diet and turned to Google after realizing keto doesn’t allow for traditional sweets. Searches for how to make “keto brownies,” “keto cookies,” “keto cheesecake” and “keto pancakes” were among the top terms Americans used as they tried to figure out how to eat desserts that won’t break keto’s rules.

Read the full list below to find out why Necco wafers and CBD gummies made the list, too. Behold, 2018′s 10 most-Googled food terms in the United States:

10. Gochujang

4kodiak via Getty Images

America’s decade-long hot sauce obsession continued in 2018, graduating from Sriracha to gochujang, a red chile paste from Korean cuisine. Containing fermented soybeans, it’s got a spicy, umami kick that’ll add punch to any dish, from rice to eggs and meats. Try it now before another hot sauce becomes more en vogue.

9. Keto brownies

Gimme Delicious

The keto diet ruled supreme in 2018, forcing carb-starved followers to crave anything resembling dessert. This recipe from Gimme Delicious comes in at the top of the Google rankings.

8. Keto chili

Gnom Gnom

The keto diet allows a moderate amount of protein and a high amount of fat, so it makes sense that keto followers would eat a lot of chili. The top-ranking recipe on Google comes from Gnom Gnom, whose recipe you can find here.

7. Keto cookies

Chocolate Covered Katie

More proof that keto dieters are desperate for sweets? They’re craving cookies like crazy. Popular blogger Chocolate Covered Katie ranks first with her Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe. Check out it.

6. Necco wafers

Boston Globe via Getty Images

You might be wondering how on earth this chalky candy made the list, but there’s an explanation. When the New England Candy Co. shut down in July, things looked bleak for Necco wafers’ few fans, who apparently turned to Google for answers. But hope is in sight. The company that makes Dum-Dum lollipops has decided to acquire Necco wafers, and production is expected to restart in early 2019.

5. Keto cheesecake

Keto strikes again. One of the top-performing videos for keto cheesecake comes from FatForWeightLoss, which makes a keto-friendly New York-style cheesecake. One of the featured ingredients is a natural sweetener called erythritol, which you’re unlikely to have in your pantry unless you’re a strict keto follower. Watch the video above.

4. Keto pancakes

Keto doesn’t take a break for breakfast! There are oodles of keto pancake recipes on the web, but Delish’s keto pancakes rank first on Google. Check out the video above.

3. CBD gummies


CBD, a nonpsychoactive compound found in cannabis, has been reported to help with sleep and anxiety. Americans must’ve been struggling with both those things in 2018, because CBD gummies ranked third among food terms searched for on Google.

2. Romaine lettuce

Claudia Totir via Getty Images

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged Americans to throw away their romaine lettuce the week of Thanksgiving due to an E. coli outbreak, people freaked out just enough to make this salad green the second-most searched food term of the year.

1. Unicorn cake

In 2017, we saw a wave of unicorn trends, from unicorn lattes to unicorn bagels, and it held strong through 2018. Take one look at Instagram’s #unicorncake hashtag and you’ll see just how popular unicorn cakes were this past year. Though it’s not exactly nutritious, we’re happy to see something that brings smiles to people’s faces at the top of the list.

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