Top Gems for the Foodie in the Heart of Paris

You'll know that this charming city in the heart of France is a godsend for foodies.
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There's no doubt, I've become more of a foodie over the years and I frequent cities around the world to expand my cultural culinary taste buds.

For those of you who love Paris and love to eat in Paris, you'll know that this charming city in the heart of France is a godsend for foodies since it's hard to find a bad meal even in the more touristy areas.

I've been to Paris countless times and explored more than my fair share over the years. (See Great Food in Paris.) I've written about top places to get coffee, chocolate, to taste the best creperies and so on. Here's the latest short list from a more recent trip. Enjoy and be sure to take notes for your next trip to this romantically delicious gem.

Marché des Enfants Rouges in the Marais.

Along Rue de Beauce, this is a classic French restaurant, small, quaint and perfect for a casual night out. The food is great as is the service but if you want upscale, fine dining and dark romance, go for one of our other picks below. The closest metro is Temple.

L'Eclaire de Genie in the Marais.

Think candy, pasta, incredible pastries and creative craquettes and sweets. The closest metro is Saint Paul.

Les Bougresses is also located in the Marais on 6 Rue de Jarente with the closet metro also being either Saint Paul or Temple. This place is incredibly authentic at its core and has long wooden tables which is perfect for a small group share. It's located in the Marais in a quaint part of Paris and is a must visit if you're spending time in this part of the city.

Like I said, traditional French food and authentic at its core. I love the old world style to this place.

L'Escargot on Rue Montogueil.

A must try - classic, traditional French, historical, old and has been around since the 1800s.

Le Christine on 1 rue Christine.

I love this restaurant and have been several times. Located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, between Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, they also offer cooking classes in addition to lunch and dinner. At the classes, you can learn all the secrets of their head chef or just simply perfect on revenue of the card or on one of your personnelles. The closest Metro is between St. Michel and Odeon Metro stops.

Restaurant Le Coupe Gorge is on rue de la Coutellerie. This place is adorably quaint, with old fashioned rustic wooden tables upstairs. You almost feel as if you're in someone's old house and that someone's grandmother is about to bring you homemade soup and chicken any minute as the candles make the room dim and romantic in a very basic and spartan kind of way. It's not in the main tourist district so feels more out of the way however is still a relatively close walking distance to Notre Dame. Check out the rare duck breast with sliced potatoes and pepper sauce. The desserts are pretty great also.

L'Atelier de L'Eclair -- think eclairs and desserts. Yum! If you have a sweet tooth, head to Sentier metro stop and walk.

Solyles is all about chicken, but chicken served in the noble way -- just the oysters and if you know anything about chicken, you know what I mean. They call it a "new concept." It's so unusual, it's worth checking out. It is located on 74, rue Damrémont and the closest metro is Lamarck Culaincourt.

Chez Ramulaud is located on 269 rue du Faubourg St-Antoine and is another amazing French classic. The restaurant itself is retro and peaceful at the same time. Think old world again, but with a bit of a brasserie style thrown in. The menu is like many classic French restaurants, on an old fashioned chalkboard. Think chicken, coddled eggs, soups, terrines, mushrooms and exquisite desserts.

Pied de Cochon in Les Halles.

See our separate individual write-up/review on the restaurant from this June. Authentic, historical, classic - try the oysters on the half shell, the fish and any of the soups. They also serve traditional meat dishes which are worth trying depending on how hungry you are. The presentation is also lovely - think more authentic and traditional in a large but classic brasserie style than romantic but the food and service is great and the place is a known Parisian institution. The closest metro is Les Halles or St. Michel.

Classico Argentino in the Marais.

Okay, this one doesn't necessarily qualify for traditional French cuisine but it's a great experience for old fashioned meat lovers who are also foodies so we decided to add it to the list. The closest metro is Filles du Calvaire.

Also check out the Wine Museum on 5 Square Charles Dickens / Rue des Eaux, which is the actual cellar of the former abbey of Passy in the 16th arr, so you'll be surrounded by medieval architecture. The closest metro stop is Passy. They're fairly well known so it may be worth calling ahead and booking in case it's difficult to get in. It is relatively close to the Eiffel Tower right in the heart of Paris and awaits you with its 15th Century vaulted cellars. They're open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 6.

Read my top Paris creperie write-up (where to go for the best crepes in Paris) as well as our take on the top Paris restaurants from previous trips.

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