Top Good-For-You Brands You Should Know

Top Good-For-You Brands You Should Know
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In 2017, good-for-you brands are becoming a dime a dozen. But which one’s are actually good-for-you? We wanted to find out. We looked through ingredient lists, compared products and found the best ones that you should have in your bathrooms.

Dr. Bronner Our leading favorite is Dr. Bronner, a brand that offers a line of soaps, lotions and more all using organic and fair-trade ingredients. They smell good and feel good on your skin, chock full of essential oils and other amazing ingredients that you should be putting on your skin anyways. With purposes from dish cleaning to facial cleansing, the possibilities are endless.

NOW Foods NOW has hopped onto the essential oil train and has brought a wide variety of natural products and foods to consumers worldwide. By using nature-identical ingredients and carefully sourcing them all, NOW their products are quality goods that cover all cornerstones of your life from facial care to sports nutrition. We loved their 100% pure essential oils that are great for aromatherapy.

Orgain When organic meets protein, Orgain is born. They believe that you should be picky about your protein and that’s why their plant-based organic protein powder is the best. When you know where your ingredients are coming from, you can have full faith in your workout and your children’s health. And they taste great.

Sea Bottle Natural soap and skin care products by Sea Bottle are formulated from essential oils, marine ingredients and fresh botanicals. With ingredients like organic aloe, sea kelp, and argan oil, Sea Bottle soaps come in a beautiful glass dispenser that is plastic free so that you are saving your hands, while saving the environment.

Little Barn Apothecary We tried the sprays by Little Barn Apothecary and we only have one word to say. Amazing. Their products are simply amazing. From their mineral mists to their soaps, everything we used made us feeling fresh and clean. The cooling sensation of all of their products felt like stepping into a beautiful a bottle. And that’s hard to achieve. We are full believers in Little Barn products and are slowly collecting their entire line for our bathrooms. You should too.

Pacha Soap Pacha products are created and driven with a mission in mind, provide clean soap worldwide to those in need. Their bar soaps are the real deal with scents that will stay with you for hours. With organic and ethically sourced ingredients, you can believe in Pacha Soap to clean.

Therapist Candles We believe in beautiful, big inhale smell candles that make you want to melt into your seat. We love Therapist Candles for that exact reason. These hand-poured soy candles feature a special edition Man’s Collection that will make even your man ask you to light the candle. With scents like Single Malt Whiskey and Cranberry Spice, there isn’t anyone these candles wouldn’t please.

Ettitude With organic, soft charcoal and bamboo sheets, Ettitude brings a whole new level to the bedding game. Using a sustainable design, Ettitude sheets feel like a dream and help you keep dreaming while you sleep soundly. Smooth, crisp and beautiful, these sheets will make it just a bit harder to wake up every morning and easy to fall into at nighttime with its marshmallow-like feel.

Sky Organics Sky Organics is a bathroom brand that you’ll come to know and love. Everything from their kids bath bomb set that includes a cute little toy in each bomb, to their essential oil collection perfect for any aromatherapy needs, Sky Organics is a leader of the pack for a very good reason.

Element Pure Offering a line of sustainable clothing made from organic eucalyptus, tencel is incredibly soft and fine that gives your clothing that extra oomph in comfort level. We couldn’t find softer clothes elsewhere. Definitely closet staples for your everyday look and odor-resistant, Element Pure is a company to look out for.

Essential Oxygen For a radiant smile, look to Essential Oxygen’s organic brushing rinse. Part toothpaste, part mouthwash, you can feel the clean happening in your mouth. Removing bad oral bacteria with just a few swishes, Essential Oxygen should be a part of everyone’s morning routine.

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