'Top Gun 3D' Trailer: The Need For Speed & More Dimensions (VIDEO)

Lest you think re-releasing "Top Gun" in 3D and IMAX for one week before it arrives on Blu-ray is nothing but a marketing trick, Big Voice Guy is here to set things straight.

"This February, 'Top Gun' is in IMAX," BVG intones in the "Top Gun 3D" trailer with gravitas usually reserved for current films. "And, for the first time ever, experience the movie that defined a generation in 3D."

See? "Top Gun" defined a generation, so it's cool.

Otherwise, not much new here. "Top Gun" -- whether it's in 2D or 3D, or IMAX or your TV -- is still an incredible piece of big Hollywood filmmaking (the late Tony Scott directed) with a legitimate star turn at its center from Tom Cruise. Need for speed, etc.

Watch the trailer above. "Top Gun 3D" is out in theaters from Feb. 8 to Feb. 13. The film gets a Blu-ray release on Feb. 19.