'Top Gun' Gifts For The Person Who Can't Stop Talking About The Movie

In terms of showing your love, nothing will (ahem) top these picks.

After two-plus pandemic years of empty movie theaters, “Top Gun: Maverick’ is proving that blockbusters are officially back. It’s only been out for a month, but it’s already one of the biggest movies of the year, grossing more than $400 million at the box office so far. In fact, the only movie that’s come out in these pandemic times that’s made more money is “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

But there are people who liked “Top Gun” and there are people who freaking loved it. You know who the latter are. They walk into a room humming the anthem from the original soundtrack. They’ve told you (more than once) that Tom Cruise doesn’t use a stunt double. If you were to pull up their Google search history, it would include terms like “how much is a F-18” and “Miles Teller workout.”

Alas, we can’t all be Maverick. But you can still make the “Top Gun” fan in your life feel pretty fly. How? Head to Target and surprise them with one of these gifts.

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The original movie
If your "Top Gun" fan leans old school, there’s a good chance they have a DVD player hidden in their closet (if it’s not already hooked up.) With this copy of the original 1986 movie, they can get their fix until Maverick is released on DVD in August.
"Top Gun: Maverick" soundtrack
With songs by One Republic, Lady Gaga and a rendition of Great Balls of Fire by Miles Teller, this soundtrack is a must-have for any "Maverick: lover. Truly, what would the movie be without its iconic music? This soundtrack is a Target exclusive so you won’t find it anywhere else.
Iceman T-shirt
An Iceman shirt is a way to show some "Top Gun" appreciation without being as obvious as wearing a Maverick one. This shirt is a junior size, the perfect gift for a pre-teen pilot-in-training.
"Top Gun" retro T-shirt
Another subtle flex is this men’s shirt showing a trio of F-18s flying at sunset, the perfect fighter jet homage. The only time it won’t be worn? During a game of beach volleyball or football of course.
"Top Gun" American flag and aviators tank
Found: The perfect 4th of July tank. It’s red, white, and blue—and "Top Gun" all over. When summer is over, it will still look cute paired with a bomber jacket too.
Movie poster
The only thing a "Top Gun" movie lover will appreciate more than a movie poster is a framed movie poster. Target has it in the iconic red, blue, and gray.
"Maverick" helmet poster
If you live with a 'Top Gun" fanatic and you aren’t quite as obsessed with the movie as they are, this movie poster can be a good compromise in terms of wall art. You have to admit, it does look pretty cool.
Wingman tank
If your partner is a fan of the movie, this is a gift for you that they’ll appreciate — a nice little win-win wouldn’t you say?

"Top Gun: Maverick" matchbox set
Little tykes may not totally appreciate the magic of the movie, but they can still get in on the fun with this five-piece toy set. It comes with an F-18, a jet fuel truck and three sweet rides, including a 1956 Aston Martin.
"Top Gun" paratrooper costume
Ok, so Halloween is still months away, but it’s a good idea to secure this baby early because the "flight suit" version of this costume has already sold out. And hey, if you want to bust it out before then, well, go for it.

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