New 'Top Gun: Maverick' Trailer Loves Its Rogue Pilot Tom Cruise

His Maverick is as defiant as ever in the latest preview for the sequel.

The latest “Top Gun: Maverick” sequel trailer features fierce flying and a few updated nods to the original. A shirtless sports scene and Tom Cruise’s Maverick on a motorcycle with his beloved holding on tight (Jennifer Connelly instead of Kelly McGillis) lets viewers know that the hit 1986 movie will not be ignored.

But mostly the preview, posted Monday, features Cruise in rogue mode. That’s not a bad thing. Maverick appears more defiant than ever, from the moment a voice gushes that “his exploits are legendary.”

When Mav says that he didn’t expect to be invited back to the flying academy, he’s told: “They’re called orders, Maverick.”

Maverick, now an instructor, takes on some pilot newbies in a practice dogfight, prompting one of them to say: “Two versus one, he’s gotta be kidding.”

Never doubt Maverick, fellas.

The sequel zooms into theaters in June, about 34 years after the original.