Here's One Thing You Didn't Know About 'Top Gun'

In anticipation of the 30th anniversary, Tom Cruise reveals how the movie came together in an exclusive clip.

According to popular legend, the real Topgun fighter weapons school that the Tom Cruise movie is based on instituted a $5 fine to any staff member who quoted the movie. With iconic lines such as "I feel the need / the need for speed!" you can assume the school paid for itself with excited pilots being unable to resist.

As the movie version, "Top Gun," approaches its 30th anniversary on May 16, Cruise similarly couldn't help but reminisce and shared memories from behind the scenes in an exclusive clip for The Huffington Post.

Discussing how he helped with casting the movie, Cruise revealed that he brought on Anthony Edwards after spotting him while playing paintball and Meg Ryan partly because of her decade-defining "smile and glow."

"Top Gun" comes out on iTunes today with all new interviews of Cruise and other members of the crew sharing nostalgic stories.



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