Top Industries For Becoming A Billionaire: Report

Last week saw the start of a new kind of competition. The criteria: who can provide the freshest and most comprehensive billionaire list.

The long-time authority on ranking the world's richest, Forbes Magazine released its annual tally of billionaires for the twenty-fifth year last week.

But this year, Bloomberg also came out with its own Billionaire Index. Updated every business day at 5:30 pm in New York, it provides a daily ranking of the world's 20 richest people.

To maintain its title as the leader in wealth counting, Forbes reacted by announcing that it will release its own real-time list. According to Forbes Magazine, their new ranking -- updated every 15 minutes -- is supposed to keep tabs on the fortunes of the top 50 billionaires.

But your chances of making it on one or both of these wealth-counting lists may be boosted depending on what industry you work in, even though the billionaires on the lists come from a variety of sectors. There's the top billionaire on both lists, Mexican telecommunications giant Carlos Slim, who beat U.S. billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Some like Sara Blakely, the youngest self-made female billionaire, made it big in other industries. Blakely invented Spanx, the underwear that keeps you looking slim.

Here is Forbes magazine's list of the top industries with U.S. billionaires: