Top 22 Highlights Of The Los Angeles Lakers' 2014-2015 Season

Just kidding. They are all lowlights.

What a season for the Los Angeles Lakers, huh? There were some good times this year for the most storied team in NBA history (sorry, Celtics fans), and then there was the vast majority of the train wreck otherwise known as the team’s 2014-2015 campaign.

With the Lakers' year winding down, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the team’s year. Without further ado, the highlights of the clusterf--k otherwise known as whatever the hell just happened:

That time the one promising young player on the roster endured a season-ending injury on opening night. See you next year, Julius Randle.

(Source: YouTube)

That time Laker fans went apoplectic over a video of “Los Angeles Lakers point guard” (LOL) Steve Nash golfing while out for the season. Always fun when the head coach feels compelled to say something like this:

That time Kobe Bryant broke the NBA’s all-time record for missed shots. Congrats?

This Kobe missed shot in particular, which occurred with six seconds left on the shot clock. Why?

(Source: Deadspin)

That time Kobe compared the Lakers’ other players to a popular brand of toilet paper.

And then the toilet paper brand decided to craft a "cool" response.


There was this Kobe quote, delivered to General Manager Mitch Kupchak: "I'm supposed to practice and get better, Mitch. I'm supposed to practice and get better. These motherfuckers ain't doing shit for me."

Then there was the time Kobe Bryant lost so much faith in Jeremy Lin that he just decided to do his job for him. To be fair, he should have fouled.

And then there was that time Kobe told his teammates (i.e. Lin) to "get the fuck out of the way." Wasn't a great sign.

Who could forget that time it was announced that Kobe was out for the season? Again.

Or that time Kobe openly despised his teammates so much that he just went completely silent on Jimmy Kimmel. He was asked to respond to this video of the players celebrating after a meaningless victory:

And had this reaction:

Ooooh, and who could forget when Tarik Black committed three turnovers in a single play. Lane violation, double dribble, shot clock violation.

Oh, then there was the time that Byron Scott said, with a straight face, that Kobe, who only played 35 games of the team’s 82 games this season, “should be in the [MVP] conversation.” The sound of a man clinging to his job.

That time Magic Johnson said, “I hope the Lakers lose every game.” You know it’s bad when the greatest Laker of all time is saying stuff like that openly.

And that time the team set a franchise record for losses in a single season. April 5, 2015, against the Clippers. Never forget.

Just this.

That time they just forgot the game was going on.

That time Jack Nicholson straight-up fell asleep during a game.

This fucking Jeremy Lin quote.

Whatever the hell happened here.

And then, of course, there was that time that actually won a game in overtime and everybody was pissed off at them.

Cool gamer-winner by the promising young point guard Jordan Clarkson:

Reaction that explains everything about where the team's year:

Maybe next year, but probably not.

Full disclosure: The writer of this post is a die-hard Lakers fan who knows this post holds little editorial value but just needed to work through some stuff, okay?

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