Top Moments in Tech/Politics of the Decade (PHOTOS)

Politics is changing: perhaps not at a pace we'd all like, maybe not to the extent we'd envisioned, but it's definitely changing. Nothing speaks louder than Money in politics, and an increasing amount is being raised online. Organizing has taken on a whole new meaning because of the here-comes-everybody social Web. So has Transparency, the biggest and arguably most important word in the emerging vernacular of online-based politics. Free the data, let the information speak for itself! And Communication? More and more candidates, officials and politicians are directly communicating (and sometimes truly interacting) with their constituents -- otherwise known as "We the people," as our 222-year-old U.S. Constitution puts it. "I see the Internet as a great source of hope for re-energizing representative democracy," Al Gore, the long-time Internet evangelist, told me in an interview, "and making it possible for people to really participate."

Irrevocably, politics changed in the past 10 years because of technology in general and the Internet in particular. So here, in no particular order, are the decade's top moments in tech and politics.

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