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Top New 2014 Baby Names for Environmentalists

Many of my friends in the environmental community will be having babies soon. So I thought I would help them out and join the list trend by developing a 10 unique baby boy and girl names for environmentalists for 2014.
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I've been noticing that everyone is coming up with lists for the New Year. At the same time, many of my friends in the environmental community will be having babies soon. So I thought I would help them out and join the list trend by developing a 10 unique baby boy and girl names for environmentalists for 2014.

Girl Names

1. Aqua. The ocean is this beautiful color. Let's keep it that way and celebrate your commitment to the protection of the oceans with this lovely name for your daughter. She'll be a marine biologist.
2. Carson. This name is taken from one of the great figures in environmental history, Rachel Carson.
3. Gaia. The Gaia hypothesis was developed by James Lovelock and focuses on the notion that our planet is a self-regulating system that evolved over millennia. It's a grand name for your little goddess.
4. Kivalina. Kivalana is the Alaskan village that sued all the major energy companies over the loss of their land due to global warming. They lost the lawsuit, but you would win by naming your daughter this intriguing name.
5. Kyoto. The Kyoto Protocol is a binding international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in industrial nations. The U.S. did not ratify it. Kyoto is the city in Japan where the treaty was signed. It is also a lovely and unique name for your little girl.
6. Prairie. This name calms me just by thinking about it. It's so peaceful and reassuring. It is sort of like Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter's name Apple, but better.
7. Solara. I think this is a much better name than Sunshine. Solara is a serious name that connotes strong character. Solara will probably be an engineer.
8. Star. We all know Star Jones, the famous lawyer and talk show host. However, environmentalists are also aware of the international Energy Star rating system for consumer goods.
9. Sustainabilidad. There are a ton of complicated Latin names in my family. So I am just adding to the list. It's way better than Cleotilde.
10. Weed. This hipster name is the most ironic name on this list. It is a much better name than exotic species and has double meaning in Colorado. It's perfect for a Brooklyn baby

Boys Names

1. Alligator. The alligator was near the edge of extinction not that long ago. Now, they are everywhere in the warmer areas of the American South. If the name is too much for him as he gets older, he can go by Al. But what guy wouldn't want to be named Alligator?
2. Carbón. I like the Latin sound of this. Say it loud and with authority and you'll see what I mean. Anyone with this name is likely to be a future green CEO.
3. Coal. I have some Coles in my family. Just change a couple of letters and your son could be named after one of the major sources of greenhouse gases on the planet. It is a super masculine name. He'll be an environmental geologist.
4. ENSO. For the El Niño Southern Oscillation. It's a great name for anyone with Italian heritage.
5.Freon . This is the name given by DuPont for their halocarbon refrigerants. Many new Freon products are not ozone depleting. Plus Freon is a classy sounding name.
6.LEED The US Green Building Council rates buildings based on the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design system known as LEED. If you can build a LEED platinum building, why not name the platinum child you made LEED?
7. Leopold. After Aldo Leopold, the author of A Sand County Almanac and the father of environmental ethics. I didn't go with Aldo because it sounds too old fashioned.
8. Local. Everyone is getting on the locavore bandwagon. Why not join the trend and solidify your relationship to food by naming your son Local?
9. MO. Short for GMO. I supposed you could name him GMO and tell people that the G is silent like Gnu.
10. Volt. Volt sounds like the name of a major soap opera heartthrob and is also an electric car. What's not to love about Volt?

Best wishes for a pleasant 2014 as you welcome your little Alligator, Prairie, Volt, or Carson.