Top Party Schools 2012: Playboy List


According to Playboy's top ten party schools list, the University of Virginia is the No. 1 party school in America, followed by the University of Southern California and the University of Florida. Their administrators must be so proud!

If anyone knows where UC-Boulder went, let us know. Last year's champ has fallen completely out of the top ten.

The schools were picked by Playboy's editors, who considered feedback from readers, students, alumni, campus representatives and others. They also looked at factors like male-female ratios on campus, academics, athletic records and proximity to recreational hot spots in compiling the list. A spokesperson for the magazine said universities were measured on 900 data points in three categories: Sex, Sports and Nightlife.

Below, check out the top ten party schools. Did your school make the cut? Should it have? Let us know in the comments section, and come back for more rankings from Playboy tomorrow!

University of Virginia

Playboy's Top Party Schools 2012

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