The 10 Tech Companies With The Highest Starting Salaries

Parents who punish their kids by taking away their computer privileges may be doing more harm than they know. That's because starting salaries for some of the top IT companies come close to reaching six figures, according to the website PayScale.

Yep, major information technology companies like Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, Facebook and eBay are offering starting salaries as high as $99,000. The lowest starting salary listed -- $47,000 -- came from Sony Electronics.

Quite a stark contrast from the state of the job market for most recent graduates. In April, NBC reported that more than 50 percent of recent college graduates were either unemployed or underemployed. Among the worst students were those with majors in the humanities, while students with degrees in computer science were among the best off in the sluggish economy.

Below are the top 10 IT firms by starting salaries:

10. Nokia Corp.

The Best Starting Salaries for Techies

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