Top School Districts With Most Affordable Housing: ZipRealty's List Of The Best Places For Families To Live

If you listen to real estate experts, 2013 is an excellent time to buy a house. As a parent, that means considering not only where you want to live, but what kind of schools are in the area. Unfortunately, real estate listings rarely rarely inform prospective buyers about school district pros and cons.

With this in mind, has released their annual rankings of the nation's ideal places for families. By collecting school data as well as median square foot prices and blending the two together, they determined where parents should look for truly affordable housing.

ZipRealty CEO and President Lanny Baker explained his company's ranking in a press release: “Lots of factors -- not just price per square foot -- go into determining home values. Among the most important of these factors for many families today is the quality of local schools in relation to the price of their local real estate."

He added that school scores were determined by student/teacher ratio of each school, along with specific test scores on a variety of subjects such as math, science, language arts and others.

Take a look, and share your house-hunting tips in the comments.

Best Places for Families to Live: Top School Districts with Most Affordable Housing