Classic Movies For Teens And Tweens To Watch This Summer

Before Twilight: 17 Classic Teen Movies It's Time to Netflix

Before Zac Efron and the stars of "Twilight" glued tweens and teens to their iPads -- before these heartthrobs could even walk, existed a generation of motion picture classics that may have been forgotten when we kicked our VCRs to the curb.

From family road trips gone wacky to rebellious, rotund sleepaway campers, we head into the dog days with our favorite summer-themed movies that were around before your teen was born. These classics may be off the radar of contemporary blockbusters, but the nostalgic hilarity and timeless themes keep these flicks fresh for new eyes who will love to kick back and enjoy them for the first time.

Parents, as always, should decide whether the subject matter is appropriate for their children. Did we miss something? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite summer movies. Now, crank that AC and dim the lights: We've got movies to watch.

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