Top Ten Marketing Moments of 2017

As we reach the close of 2017, it’s always great fun to reflect back on the year’s best moments...the biggest moments in marketing that is, IMHO. So much of this year's marketing was either a response to popular culture and social sentiment, or a driver of it. That's the power of branding!

Here’s to 2017 and to all of our successes! What would make your list?

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

10 - Dove’s Alternative Facts: We saw many brands respond to the socio-political conversations of the moment, and this was one of the BEST (if not the absolute best)!

9 - Balenciaga’s IKEA Bag: Now this was THE fashion statement of the year!

8 - Cheetos Online Museum: Smart thinking to celebrate what your consumers are already doing! And one of the biggest brand WINNERS at the Cannes Lions this year!

7 - Eminem’s New CD:  If you’ve ever worked on a pharmaceutical, then you’ll appreciate this mock drug campaign for Revival...the clues were all there! The best PHARMA campaign of the year!\

6 - Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Finally...a brand equity refresher! It’s about time. This post was my MOST READ post of the year!

5 - Bud Light “Dilly Dilly”: When your brand makes it into pop culture like this, then you have to make the TOP ten for sure!

4 - Patagonia Sues President Trump:  I think this has to be a brand FIRST but is it the first of many to come?!?

3 - Pepsi and Kendall Jenner: Pepsi isn't the only brand to side step their way into the court of social opinion. But it is perhaps the biggest! Let’s all learn from this one and NOT repeat next year!

2 - P&G #WeSeeEqual: the best CAMPAIGN  this year to evolve our thinking!

1 - “The Hat” Makes The Cover of Time: the biggest marketing moment of the year by FAR...changing our world forever!

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