Top 10 Reasons to Ignore Iowa

Why Iowa shouldn't matter:

1. Caucuses don't even pick binding convention delegates.

2. The winner's raw vote total would fill one fourth of an NFL stadium.

3. Only 100,000 of the state's 3 million residents participate.

4. Presidents Gephardt, Huckabee, Harkin, Robertson.

5. Saying its worth is "winnowing" the field is like the family dog eating table scraps.

6. The winner gets maybe six unbound delegates out of more than 1,100 needed for the nomination.

7. Iowa has five times more hogs than people.

8. Iowa ranks 30th in population and 22nd in obesity.

9. At 96.14-percent Caucasian, Iowa is whiter than a Justin Bieber Christmas-in-Norway Special (courtesy of Will Durst).

10. After all this, 41 percent still can't make up their minds?!

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