Top Ten Reasons to Watch "The 2015 Billboard Music Awards"

You are all formally -- and casually -- invited to attend The 2015 Billboard Music Awards
Sunday Night on ABC. And because Billboard rules in the chart world, here are my Top Ten Reasons To Watch our show:

1) Music is an exciting game, and at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas where the mighty Van Halen will score early and often at the MGM Grand, our balls definitely aren't deflated.

2) Britney Spears is on with Iggy Azalea performing for the first time anywhere their new hit song
about a very hot and pressing topic that we as a society really needs to focus on more: "Pretty Girls"

3) Taylor Swift will world premiere her new star-studded "Bad Blood" mini-movie video on our
show, and everybody's who anybody appears in it. Frankly, that hurts a little because I'm pretty sure I'm not in it.

4) The eternally cool Ludacris is back to host for the second year. And this year, the lovely and funny Chrissy Teigen is hosting with him. But make no mistake, this won't not a Lip Sync Battle, this will be the real deal. Also this is a big music award show with many superstars in the same category. So unlike on that "Mad Men" finale, someone will definitely go home mad.

5) We've got something on the bill for everyone -- from Ed Sheeran to Mariah Carey, from a big "Empire" medley introduced by Taraji P. Henson to a 30th Anniversary tribute to "The Breakfast Club" with Molly Ringwald and Simple Minds you won't forget about.

6) We may learn -- once and for all -- how to correctly pronounce Hozier. Or we all could be taken to church to atone for getting it wrong.

7) Chrissy Teigen may attempt to beat the current Guinness Book desert land speed record for
costume-changes by a super-hot award show host in the greater Nevada Area.

8) On our show, you don't just have to Imagine Dragons. You can see them play too, and just between us, they're doing one of the greatest songs of all-time.

9) Little Big Town will do the gorgeous "Girl Crush" with Faith Hill who I've personally had a girl crush on for years.

10) The brilliantly talented and always interesting Kanye West is performing before the night's done, and we're definitely gonna let him finish.