Top Ten Reasons Why CU should Hire Dave Logan

1. Proven football winner year after year with an exceptional ability to successfully multitask.

2. Colorado's home-grown all-American three sport athlete who starred at CU.

3. Excellent pro receiver who remains tall and fit, and impressive in any recruit's living room.

4. All the best Colorado high school football players will go to CU -- and that includes Mullen.

5. Communication skills well suited to handle players, staff, Pac 12, and media.

6. Bronco connections; despite the down year, the Denver pro franchise is football royalty.

7. Hire Dave Logan and Colorado fan interest would go through the roof.

8. No retreads or upwardly mobile coaches please; do something fresh and interesting.

9. As CU joins a conference centered in California, keep a distinct (and better) Colorado identity.

10. Less competition on the radio during afternoon drive time.