Top Ten Robo-Calls Of The Election Year Revealed

One of the ways that innovations in user-friendly technologies had a profound effect on the 2008 election was the exposure given to campaign robo-calls, those horribly annoying campaign inducements that invaded our homes via the telephone, pitching all manner of outrageous claims and incendiary nonsense. Robo-calls were once the sort of shenanigan that drew only local attention. But now that just about anyone with internet access can grab audio content and pass it along over the internet, the purveyors of this auditory diarrhea risk national exposure and unwanted scrutiny.

Shaun Dakin, CEO and founder of the National Political Do Not Contact Registry battled the bots all year long, serving as a champion to everyone who prefers their telephones free of pollutants. So we're happy to defer to his judgment as to the Top 10 Political Robocalls of 2008. He's got many favorites: Elizabeth Dole's "godless" call, Zane Starkewolf's phone sex warning, Robert Morrow's private citizen campaign of wigged-out Hillary paranoia, Barack Obama's Joe The Copycat Plumber...the worst of the worst.

We'll not spoil the call that took home the top spot, but as a special hint, please to enjoy one of Saturday Night Live's underrated bits of political parody: Will Forte as the Sad Robo-Phone.