Top Ten Things Overheard At Sarah Palin's Farewell Party (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin will step down as Governor of Alaska tomorrow and for David Letterman the moment can't come soon enough. The feud between the two wouldn't die, despite the fact that she accepted his much-debated apology for joking about her daughter.

When news broke that Sarah Palin was resigning, Dave took several shots at the soon-to-be ex-governor, saying that we knew Obama was in Russia cause "Sarah Palin [could] see him from her house," and asking "was it something I said?"

Last night's top ten list was a round-up of all the jokes he loved to make about her. Sort of a farewell to Palin humor as well as Palin. "You Betcha," "I can see Russia from my house," and Todd all made appearances, along with a shot at the incoming Alaskan governor and a final "I win" message from Dave.


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