Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2014

Each year event planners, Pinterest enthusiasts, brides and even grooms try to think of unique ideas that would make their wedding better than the last 10 they have been to.
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Each year, event planners, Pinterest enthusiasts, brides and even grooms try to think of unique ideas that would make their wedding better than the last 10 they have been to. Weddings tend to get the creative juices flowing for all types of personalities, as every bride strives to become the new David Tutera. From the good ole days of throwing rice at the couple as they walk down the church steps to the modern day where flying white doves seems more apropos, the wedding industry is heading in a great direction. Here is a list of the top 10 items that every bride will undoubtedly be typing in their search bar as they plan their upcoming wedding:

1. Sparklers
Think back to as far back as you can remember and tell me that you weren't absolutely amazed the instant a sparkler was lit. If you weren't holding one, you had to have one. If you were, your smile likely went ear to ear and you were filled with joy. Everyone still has that child in them and sparklers are sure to ignite the little child in you. Have your bridal party hold them as you march into your reception room and your guests will almost certainly get that "little child" feeling as well. (Make sure you buy the smokeless ones; you definitely don't want the firemen to show up!)

2. Lounge furniture
Rental furniture has become increasingly popular and if you've browsed online, I'm sure your jaw dropped the instant you gazed at portfolios. I'm also pretty positive you immediately thought, "This has to cost a million dollars!"

Rest assured, entertainment companies are all over it and pricing for these alluring arrangements are becoming increasingly affordable and will wow your guests for sure. Many couples are opting for the "cocktail style" wedding and this will set the tone and instantly create the ambiance you envision.

3. Photo booths
I know, you're reading this and saying, duh I know. Let's face it, photo booths are becoming almost as vital to a wedding as the cake! There are so many cool photo booths are coming out, such as Flip Books, Slow Motion Booths, Social Media booths, and others. Caution: There are many companies claiming they are photo booth companies and send out a camera on a tripod with wires hanging out to a printer. Make sure to do your research and don't always opt for the cheapest company.

4. Junk trucks
Need I say more? How many times have you left a bar or night club and said to yourself, "Wow I'm hungry, let's go eat!!" The choices are limitless. Do I go to White Castle? McDonalds? The diner? My favorite food truck in Manhattan? I'm getting hungry just writing about this! The hottest trend ladies and gentlemen, is to bring it all to you and your guests, right outside your wedding! Your guests will definitely be thanking you for all of the extra and unnecessary calories.

5. Sneakers
From Jordan's to Converse to even Gucci and Christian Louboutins, hot kicks are IN and more so now than ever. Pair those with some funky socks and the pictures that follow will certainly be priceless. Shoes are an excellent way for anyone to express themselves but when you pair them with a wedding dress and a sharp tuxedo, the whole ensemble becomes complete.

Not only does it look super cool, but it's a comfortable alternative that won't leave you with tired feet. Just ask any bride who's tried to walk in heels all day. Don't forget to add some cool little sayings on the bottom.

6. The first dance on clouds
Oh, the infamous saying, "I'm on Cloud 9" -- meaning extremely happy, blissful, and ecstatic! Not only does the first dance on clouds look unbelievable in pictures but it's also symbolic of the reason you're getting married.

7. Brooch bouquets
Now ladies, this may just be the biggest wedding trend in 2014! They can get pricey but there are also lots of DIY kits out there. Pinterest has these things popping up more and more and my gut feeling is they will be the next big thing. Be ahead of the curve and take the dive!

8. Instagram
On March 26, 2014,Instagram surpassed 200 million active users. Chances are you and everyone else at your wedding has one, and if you don't today, you'll probably have one sooner or later. With that being said, innovators in the business have been creating Instagram print stations as well as slide show presenters. Some great companies offer live Instagram feeds which will pull up (in-real time) all the photos being uploaded via your own custom hashtag. This makes for instant gratification as well an interactive touch between your guests and the display screens at your wedding. The only drawback is that pictures must be public.

9. Lightscaping
Not only is lighting essential in making your wedding venue look unbelievable, but it also illuminates all of the decor that you spent countless hours (and money) planning to create. Lighting makes a difference and this is exactly why you see lots of venues installing it. With lightscaping, different patterns can transform the look of your venue and give it texture. It will bring life to the walls and will bring a dimension that you barely see at weddings. Rose petals, branches, snowflakes, and basically whatever you can think of can be elaborately lit through out the walls of your venue.

10. Cake pops and stuffed cupcakes
I'm not sure if I've met anyone who was able to say "no" to a cake pop or stuffed cupcake. Lots of people are doing this part time so chances are you can ask your friends on Facebook and they'll probably have someone for you.

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