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Top Ten Worst People in the Bush Administration

You know this list is hideous when John Ashcroft can't crack the Top Ten.
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Top Ten Worst People in the Bush Administration

1.George W. Bush, President
2.Dick Cheney, Vice President
3.Karl Rove, Chief Political Adviser to the President
4.Don Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
5.Paul Wolfowitz, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense
6.David Addington, Chief of Staff to the Vice President
7.Douglas Feith, Former Under Secretary of Defense and Head of the Office of Special Plans
8.John Bolton, UN Ambassador
9.I. Lewis Libby, Former Chief of Staff to the Vice President
10.Alberto Gonzalez, Attorney General

You know this list is hideous when John Ashcroft can't crack the Top Ten. John Bolton would finish in the top two of almost any other "worst person" list. But this is a murderer's row of incompetents, fool, knaves, and - in the immortal words of the president - evil-doers.

Other receiving votes include Condoleezza Rice, Mike Brown, Paul Bremer and every person who ever worked in the Vice President's office (yes, that definitely includes Mary Matalin).

In this tough field, people who didn't even merit votes but should get honorable mentions are Harriet Miers, Scott McClellan, David Safavian (the man who set purchasing policy for the entire government and was arrested for taking bribes from Jack Abramoff) and Jeff Gannon (the male hooker that was hired to pose as a reporter at the White House and pitch softballs to McClellan (who presumably caught them)).

Addington and Libby are so high on the list because they were the root of all of the decisions to torture, strip away rights (from United States citizens as well as detainees) and ignore the US constitution and the Geneva Conventions. Along with Dick Cheney they composed the heart of darkness inside the West Wing.

But most of all, they are high on the list because they don't believe in the American system of government. They believe that an imperial executive with broad, unchecked powers is a better system than the liberal democracy we currently have.

They don't believe in the rights guaranteed by our constitution, they don't believe in the American justice system and they don't believe our democracy is strong enough to fight off our enemies. Simply put, they are un-American to their core.

Wolfowitz, Feith and Bolton make the list because they are the arrogant neo-clowns that got us into this Iraq War and would like to invade even more countries. Not only were they hideously wrong but they bullied and intimidated the rest of the government into following the disastrous path they set.

The real question I struggled with was who deserved the top spot. For most of the Bush presidency, Dick Cheney has sat comfortably atop the rankings. He is the author and creator of all of the un-American actions of the last six years. Poor Bush has easily been manipulated into almost any action Cheney has wanted him to take in that time. Cheney is the man who pulls the trigger.

I mainly viewed Bush as a pitiable fool who had no idea what forces put him into office and why they were directing him to do what he was doing. The thought of Bush fancying himself "The Decider" was so comically and pathetically wrong that it was hard not to feel sorry for him.

But lately I have had a change of heart. Yes, I think this was mainly the Cheney administration. No, I don't agree with the mainstream media that George Bush is a cognizant leader who actually directs what happens in his administration. And yes, Cheney, as I explained above, is thoroughly opposed to our system of government.

But for all his greed, lust for power, hubris and dictatorial tendencies, I don't think Dick Cheney believes he is harming the United States. I think in his own twisted mind, he thinks he is the only one who can protect the US (ironically by destroying what it stands for).

On the other hand, I am not convinced that George Bush is acting in the best interest of the country. I think he puts his own interest above those of the country to the point where it is callous indifference.

There is nothing George Bush won't do to cover up his own insecurities. The man has been an abject failure in every aspect of his life. He was terrible at school. He was cowardly in the face of battle. He destroyed every business he ran. And he knows it.

But he buries it deep down inside. He puts on his fake swagger and pretends he earned his place in the world. He was born as American royalty and he thinks he built the empire. He has had everything handed to him and smashed it to pieces.

But a man who cared would look to do the right thing. Would look for help. Would admit he has flaws and bring in people who could help him lead. Instead, Bush, for fear of looking inward, has eschewed all change and all help.

His pride is more important to him than the lives of others, than the United States government and the well being of her citizens. And that is inexcusable.

He thinks politics is a game. And that whoever wins the elections is the better man. But it isn't about winning elections, it's about governing. It's about caring for the people of the United States of America. He has such a colossal responsibility - and he does not care.

That's why he did nothing during Katrina, that's why he had no plan for post-war Iraq, that's why he stayed on vacation when he was warned Al Qaeda was going to attack inside the United States. He does not care.

What is important to him is that he appears powerful and that he wins. What are not important are the consequences of his decisions. The reason we had no post-war plan for Iraq is the same reason Bush had no post-election strategy for governing - because he does not care to govern.

He wants the ticker tape parade, the landing on the aircraft carrier, the hero's welcome. Then what happens afterward is none of his concern. He can't be bothered.

So, I have come to develop a loathing for him. If you want to accuse me of hating George Bush, go right ahead. Guilty as charged. If a man is this indifferent to the people whose lives hang in the balance based on his actions, I think he is a terrible person. If you don't hate him, you're not paying attention.

Congratulations, George W. Bush. You have done what seemed impossible, become less likable than Dick Cheney. You should be proud, you win!

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