Top Tips for First-Year Lawyers

  1. Join a professional organization like a bar association. Networking with members provides insight on different practice areas and ensures career success.

  • Volunteer -- do pro bono work where there are opportunities for substantial and meaningful interaction with clients, as well as to develop skills and gain experience in a wide range of subject matter.
  • Set goals/identify a career path. This will lead to short and long-term career satisfaction and optimal performance.
  • Learn how to communicate with those who supervise you and those who assist you.
  • Be responsive to clients and colleagues.
  • Be on time personally and be timely with your work product or responding to inquiries.
  • Manage expectations for your clients and supervisors. Be specific. Being vague increases the chance for misunderstanding.
  • Be assertive and eager but not overly aggressive or combative when it's not warranted.
  • Proofread. Avoid typos. They damage your credibility.
  • Be nice.
  • Miranda is president of the New York State Bar Association.