15 Things I Never Knew About Health & Fitness

One of the things I love most about our Mondays With Marlo series is when our guest experts really surprise us with unexpected answers and little-known facts. For example, do you know what the ideal temperature is for optimal sleep? Did you know that a certain type of vegetable can help alleviate a migraine headache? And what about belly fat? Where does that come from?

Sometimes a single tip or piece of advice can completely change the way we think and act in terms of health and fitness, and that's why I love to have expert guests on our show who give us great tips that we can apply to our own lives.

So, to keep us all healthy and fit, we've put together a slideshow detailing some of the most interesting and unexpected facts that we've learned from our celebrity guests. Take a look and see if there isn't a tip or two in there that you can use to improve your own health and fitness.

Top Tips on Health and Fitness