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Top Tips to Getting Organized Financially, and in Life

So, how are you coming on your New Year's resolutions? Are you the kind that even makes them? Whether you are or not, most of us aspire to being more organized in the New Year.
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So, how are you coming on your New Year's resolutions? Are you the kind that even makes them? Whether you are or not, most of us aspire to being more organized in the New Year. At least I know I do! I recently had the pleasure of talking with my friend Meryl Starr of Let's Get Organized in hopes of getting some inspiration for all of us on getting organized in our homes, offices, and of course finances. Here's our shared advice:

Tip #1: Fix all those things that need fixing.
"If you have to look at items that don't work properly, how can you be motivated to do anything? If things don't run well in your home, your life sometimes seems to follow that same path," says Meryl. Her advice is so true for your finances and credit as well. I see this all the time with folks I coach. When we start fixing what's broken with their credit and finances, other areas of their lives improve too. You can also check out my credit club to keep you on track and organized.

Tip #2: Clear the hallways. When organizing at home, Meryl says, "If you want energy to flow with ease, clear those hallways and make sure all your doors can open fully and there is easy access into all rooms." This is a great metaphor for our financial lives, that in order to set ourselves us for financial success we need to clear the pathways for it to happen. This means checking your credit now at the beginning of the year and clearing up bad debts, correcting errors, and knowing where you stand financially.

Tip #3: Clear your desk. In your office, the place to begin, says Meryl, is your desk. "Clear off your desk, file those papers, pay those bills. Clearing your desk will allow you to be more creative. You'll accomplish many more tasks. A clear desk translates to a clear and focused mind," she says. Having a great filing and organizational system will also enable you to keep track of your finances, pay bills on time, and increase your credit score.

Tip #4: Energize your life.
Meryl advises us that "clearing your clutter and getting organized will help you energize your life. You will be able to move through life with ease. Your everyday projects will flow smoothly allowing you to enjoy other things." Once you have checked and fixed your credit, and set up a filing and organizational system for your finances you will be free to attract the financial and credit success you deserve this year. Now that's energizing!

Tip #5: You deserve healthy credit in 2016!
Meryl says that "we need to create an environment for ourselves where we can live, be happy and feel that we are clear and focused. Feeling comfortable at home and at work will allow you to be happier and more productive." So, set aside some time in January to check your credit, clear your financial clutter, and create a workable system so that you start off the year with an environment of harmony in your finances and credit. You will be glad you did!

Even if you're not a person that sets resolutions for the New Year, perhaps I can persuade you to set an intention instead. Let's together set an intention to have a more organized, healthier credit and financial life in 2016. If you need any further help, please reach out to me. Together we can make this a great year!

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