Top Traditional Burgers in Miami

From the birth of the burger up until now, the hunk of meat has been dressed up and down just as many times as Carrie Bradshaw has changed her Jimmy Choo's. The classic BBQ staple has morphed into a wide-eyed trend that has been documented and "hashtagged" in every way possible.
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From the birth of the burger up until now, the hunk of meat has been dressed up and down just as many times as Carrie Bradshaw has changed her Jimmy Choo's. The classic BBQ staple has morphed into a wide-eyed trend that has been documented and "hashtagged" in every way possible. There is now a month devoted for fans to celebrate this undeniable epidemic we all can't help but, love. However, sometimes the simple things are better in life and I believe that includes the burger. A perfect patty and bun duo become lost when doughnuts replace the buns, a storm of secret sauces are added or someone decides to top it off with a "groundbreaking" fried egg.

The following list of burgers in Miami don't include potato sticks, guava pastries or chimmicurri sauce. These are the best of the best, who all believe in going back to basics. Give it up for the classics.

Fooq's - Not to be confused with dining at your best friend's, you'll feel that comfortable in this oasis located in Downtown Miami. Get even more lost when you bite into a 7 oz. patty made of short rib, brisket, skirt steak blend, melting Jarlsberg, special sauce loaded into toasted brioche bun with house cut fries.
Cost: $20

Keg South - This dive is only proving how traditions never die. Since they have been serving burgers for more than 50 years, they kind of know what they are doing. You're getting fresh grade-a ground beef. You can add some cheese or bacon and that's about as crazy as it gets.
Cost: $5.25

EDGE Steak & Bar - Their philosophy is all about their ingredients which are always the star. Beef from Creekstone Farms steal the show with Chef Aaron Brooks' simple version topping it with Vermont cheddar and his in-house pickles. The accompanying house-cut fries alone, would force you to return.
Cost: $19

- Don't let any misconstrued feelings or distinctive dishes such as Grilled Quail or Venison Tartar confuse you. Their Chug Burger screams familiar with a double patty, b&b pickles and American cheese all on a homemade bun. Save room for dessert and thank me later.
Cost: $15

Verde - After a long stroll at Perez Art Museum, what better way to indulge than with a blissful burger overlooking Biscayne Bay at their restaurant? Chef Kaytlin Brakefield is keeping it fresh with ingredients like cheddar, Norfolk sauce, lettuce, onions, pickles, white cheddar cheese in an unseeded brioche bun. Museum admission isn't required and all are welcome.
Cost: $15

MC Kitchen
- I know what you're thinking, it's Italian but, Chef Dena Marino runs the show. Everything she touches turns into gold including her Bison Burger. This might be a tad nontraditional since she throws a truffle provolone into the mix but, how good does that sound? She also sandwiches Coloradan Bison, sautéed wild Mushrooms, caramelized onions, on a homemade brioche bun.
Cost: $18

Capital Grill
- My grandfather and I used to go here all the time for their burger. There is something about this place I always loved, it's a little cheesy but, once you take a bite of their masterpiece you'll soon forget where you are. For their savory sensation, they use a blend of chopped Sirloin, smoked bacon and sweet onions.
Cost: $19

Driftwood Room
- Let me just start by saying the "Queen Bae" of cuisine, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli curated this concept reflecting her refreshingly pure ideology of cooking. The Cabana Club Burger features two 4 oz. Creekstone Farms beef patties, American cheese, bread and butter pickles served with crunchy frites.
Cost: $21

Burger Bob's at Granda Golf Course - This is as basic as it gets and yes there is a place in Miami called, Burger Bob's. You can either stick to a naked hamburger for $4.25 or splurge an extra buck for some bacon. Lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese are 50 cents extra. Even though this is at a golf course, there are no games here.
Cost: $4.25 - $5.25

CORSAIR Kitchen & Bar - At great lengths and by that I mean Aventura, simplicity isrestaurant rooted on a 300 lush landscape overlooking gleaming greens at Turnberry Isle. They are paying tribute to the potato bun by adding lettuce, tomato, red onion and bacon to their rendition. You get to decide the cheese but, come during lunch since their patty gets a little more complicated at dinner.
Cost: $18

Hillstone - Let's be real for a second. If Hillstone introduced Ostrich on their menu, it would probably be one of the most consistent and maybe best thing you've ever had in your life because, they are just that good. It's arguably undeniable that their ground chuck steak and brisket blend on an egg bun will taste exactly the same every time you visit.
Cost: $18.00

STK Miami Beach
- Notorious for being super swanky, this sleek, upbeat steakhouse sticks to something more standard. They make burgers adorable by transforming them into a miniature versions known as Lil' BRGs (or sliders) made with Wagyu beef and STK's special sauce, served on a sesame seed bun.
Cost: $20

LoKal/Kush/The Spillover - Quality is the focus for all three of these restaurants from Matthew Kuscher. Among the wide range of burgers, he still has a classic that includes his take on the all American burger with shredded lettuce, sliced white onions, tomato, dill pickles, Wisconsin cheddar, yellow mustard and mayonnaise.
Cost: $13

The Continental
- You had to have known a Stephen Starr restaurant was coming. He is only like the yoda of restauranteurs. Their Backyard Burger features a special STARR burger blend on a sesame Martin's bun with American cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard.
Cost: $17

The Local 150 - Chef Phil Bryant is serving one of Miami's favorite burgers. I'm not sure if it's the neighborhood environment, his rib & brisket blend, cocktails by the guys from The Bridge or Mississippi Comeback sauce that takes his more simplified burger to the top. Whatever he does, myself and Miami dig it.
Cost: $17

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