The Beach Spots Everyone Is Talking About

This is why it feels like your entire Instagram feed was in Cartagena last month.

If you're the kind of person who associates vacation with waves crashing on the shore, boy do we have a list for you.

In the latest report from Kayak's Travel Hacker Guide, the trip-booking site listed the top 10 trending beach destinations you'll want to visit now. The team analyzed a year's worth of travel data to determine which beach spots experienced an increase in flight searches. So while the destinations below are not necessarily the most-searched places, they reflect spots that travelers are showing more interest in visiting.

"We were most excited by the diversity of destinations," said Kayak's David Solomito. "You have some of your more quintessential destinations -- Barbados, Curaçao -- but then you have the ones that are a blend of urban, adventure and beach." Locations like Cartagena, Colombia and Auckland, New Zealand offer travelers way more than beautiful beaches and ultimate relaxation. "It shows that people are taking more risks and chances on where they're looking for travel," Solomito added.

Check out the list of destinations below, and visit the Hacker Guide for more info, which includes practical information like average temperatures, median airfare and hotel prices, and average precipitation throughout the year, so travelers can determine the best time to visit. Bon voyage!

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tim Draper via Getty Images
With average temperatures that range between the high 70s and mid-80s, San Juan is a warm beach destination year-round. Spend your morning parasailing above stunning blue waters, or dance the night away at Nuyorican Cafe.
nicky39 via Getty Images
Searches for this island destination increased by six percent in the last year, and it's no wonder why. With warm temperatures and many months of little rainfall, Curaçao is waiting for you to visit.
yeahbutnah via Getty Images
Despite median airfares from the U.S. ranging between $1,000 to $1,800, Fiji is still one of the most popular beach destinations to visit. Hotels are relatively inexpensive during many months except September, when the temperatures are near perfect and rainfall barely nonexistent.
Buena Vista Images via Getty Images
Barbados is as beautiful as the Caribbean you imagine. With white sand beaches, crystal clear water and amazing food, this island is perfect for U.S. travelers looking for a gorgeous destination that's easy to get to. Pro tip: Kayak found that travelers could find the lowest median airfare two months before their departure.
Auckland, New Zealand
by Susan Blick via Getty Images
With an 11 percent increase in searches this year, Auckland, New Zealand is on everyone's must-see list. But be sure to remember one crucial fact: seasons are opposite, so the best beach weather occurs during U.S. winters.
Malaga, Spain
Westend61 via Getty Images
While airfare is pricey, travelers can find pretty inexpensive hotel options in this gorgeous Spanish city. Be sure to check out average temperatures before you book, as average temperatures can get into the low 50-degrees Fahrenheit.
Brisbane, Australia
Daniela Dirscherl via Getty Images
Searches for this city by the sand increased 14 percent over the past year, indicating that for some travelers, beach destinations don't have to be super remote to be worth visiting.
Kona, Hawaii, U.S.
baseops via Getty Images
Travel to Hawaii's Big Island to explore everything from gorgeous beaches to coffee farms to some historic landmarks. Did we mention the sunsets will take your breath way?
Cartagena, Colombia
DC_Colombia via Getty Images
Median airfare prices to this gorgeous city on the water are relatively affordable from the U.S. most of the year. Prices spike during November and December, when the average temperatures are around a glorious 82-degrees Fahrenheit.
Maui, Hawaii
Lingxiao Xie via Getty Images

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