The Biggest Web Outages Of 2011: Bank of America, Netflix, Reddit And More

We've all been there. You go to your browser, type the URL of the website of your choice, press "Enter" and, well, nothing.

Sometimes, it could be Twitter's dreaded Fail Whale. Other times, your bank's site or credit card company's site may be down and you might not be able to access important financial information.

SmartBear Software, a company that acquired the web application performance monitoring company AlertSite in April, has compiled a list of the four biggest web outages of the year that "likely had the biggest impact."

None of last year's offenders, which included Facebook, Tumblr, Visa, Groupon, Twitter, JCPenney and Mastercard, made this year's list. Furthermore, SmartBear Software notes that "there were fewer significant website outages this year than in 2010."

Click through to the slideshow to see the four biggest web outages of 2011. And be sure to share with us in the comments the most frustrating outages you experienced.

LOOK: The Biggest Web Outages of 2011, from SmartBear Software.