The Top 12 Cities For Millennials To Live, Work And Play

Top 12 Cities For Millennials To Live, Work And Play

Once you've settled firmly into adulthood, finding the ideal neighborhood to live means taking into consideration a hodgepodge of factors: rent, crime, nightlife, culture, transportation and more.

The folks over at Niche, a data analysis firm for young adults, have ranked America's top 25 cities (and neighborhoods) for millennials to reside. Niche's experts compiled the rankings by sifting through data from the U.S. Census, FBI crime rates and nearly 500,000 surveys from college students and recent grads. The list is broken down into five categories for each city: percentage of millennials living there (aged 25-34), median rent, median income, crime rate and representative college.

We'll give you a clue to the number-one city for millennials to live: "Girls" is filmed there.

Scroll through the list (below) to see if your city made the top 12, and check out the full list at Niche.

Raleigh, NC
zxcynosure via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Morrisville (Town)
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$855
Median Income:$31,899
Crime Score:Low
Representative College:North Carolina State University
San Jose, CA
Hisham Ibrahim via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Old Mountain View
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,454
Median Income:$37,484
Crime Score:Low
Representative College:San Jose State University
San Diego, CA
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Neighborhood: Little Italy
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,261
Median Income:$30,196
Crime Score:Low
Representative College:University of San Diego
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Witold Skrypczak via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Oak Lawn
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$874
Median Income:$29,830
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:Southern Methodist University
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
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Neighborhood: North Loop
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$864
Median Income:$33,511
Crime Score:Average*
Representative College:University of Minnesota
Denver, CO
Walter Bibikow via Getty Images
Neighborhood: Speer
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$902
Median Income:$32,422
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:University of Denver
Boston, MA
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Neighborhood: Spring Hill (Somerville)
% Age 25-34:13%
Median Rent:$1,163
Median Income:$33,659
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:Boston University
San Francisco, CA
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Neighborhood: Cow Hollow
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,344
Median Income:$36,119
Crime Score:Average
Representative College:University of San Francisco
Chicago, IL
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Neighborhood: Wicker Park
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$931
Median Income:$30,061
Crime Score:Average*
Representative CollegeDePaul University
Washington, D.C.
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Neighborhood: Clarendon (Arlington)
% Age 25-34:15%
Median Rent:$1,353
Median Income:$42,226
Crime Score:Average
Representative College:Georgetown University
Austin, TX
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Neighborhood: South River City
% Age 25-34:17%
Median Rent:$936
Median Income:
Crime Score:Below Average
Representative College:University of Texas – Austin
New York City, NY
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Neighborhood: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
% Age 25-34:14%
Median Rent:$1,157
Median Income:
Crime Rate:Low
Representative College:New York University

*Crime data from the FBI is incomplete for Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul, so each were assigned median crime values.

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