The Top 10 YouTube Earners Ranked By TubeMogul

It may be littered with cat videos and baby clips, but YouTube is no waste of time. Just ask 16-year-old Lucas Cruikshank, "sexiest geek" Philip DeFranco, or the brains behind the obnoxious, animated "Annoying Orange."

According to TubeMogul, an analytics and advertising firm, these video hosts and producers are among the top ten highest-earning acts on YouTube, their videos earning them six-figure incomes over the past 12 months and scoring hundreds of millions of views.

You can see who made the top ten list in the slideshow below, but keep in mind that Greg Benson, who was listed at number 7 on the list, dismissed TubeMogul's rankings entirely. Benson told The Independent , "It's so wrong everything in the article appears to be wrong... I would be thrilled if I actually had any business being on that list or if I actually made that much money or had that many viewers that they say I have."