Top-10 Stories More Important Than Elmer Fuddgate

Is it me, or was it starting to smell like a bunch of lemmings circle-jerking in here? Seems like that has started to change, but I'll post this anyway.

Not in any particular order ....

1. New More Sadistic Abu Ghraib Photos Revealed

2. Muslim Anger Over Cartoons (and possibly to the news above) Continues, Three More Dead

3.Congress releases harsh report on Federal response to Hurricane Katrina

4. U.S. Tech Firms Cowtow to Chinese Crackdowns on Free Expression

5. Bird Flu Found in Sixth EU Country

6. Almost Two Billion in Taxpayer Dollars Going Toward Government Propaganda at Home and Abroad

7. U.S. Government Could Lose Billions in Revenue from Oil and Gas Royalties off from Oil Corporations off Gulf Coast Due to 1995 Law

8. Whistleblower Alleges Second, More Far Reaching, Secret Electronic Surveillance Program

9. UN report cites torture at Guantanamo

10. Gonzales May be Withholding E-mails Incriminating Cheney in Blowing Plame-Wilson's Cover

Feel free to add to the list ... WITH links.