Topless Female Protesters Disrupt Muslim Conference (NSFW)

"Nobody makes me submit."
They made quite an entrance.
Two topless female activists stormed the stage of a Muslim conference in a Paris suburb Saturday with the messages "Nobody makes me submit" and "I am my own prophet" written on their torsos, RT reported.
Viral video (warning: partial nudity) shows the women, from FEMEN, a Ukraine-founded feminist group known for its topless protests, emerging from side stairs. Two religious officials at the podium back off as the women approach, pumping their fist in the air and taking the microphone. Security appears to usher off one of the unidentified women, lifting her up at one point. But the other woman appears to be kicked and punched off the stage. 
 According to the Telegraph, a spokeswoman for FEMEN said the two fundamentalist preachers were discussing whether "wives should be beaten or not" at the salon in Pontoise when the women ditched their garb and ran on to the stage.

Picture © Capucine Henry

Posted by FEMEN France on Sunday, September 13, 2015
The two women were taken into custody and then released, the Telegraph noted. Meanwhile, conference organizers declared they would pursue charges against the activists. News site Sputnik said organizers planned to sue the activists as well.
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