Topless Magazine Covers: The Hand Bra Awards

The topless magazine cover has been done before. A lot of people have boobs, and almost everyone has hands, but pulling off a hand bra takes some real panache.

In the past few weeks alone, Shailene Woodley went topless for Interview magazine, Rita Ora went topless for GQ, Agnieszka Radwanska went topless for ESPN magazine, Elle MacPherson went topless for Bazaar, Alyssa Milano went topless for Maxim, and they all had to use their extremities for coverage, but who wore their own hands best?

For the first (and only) time ever, we bring you: The Hand Bra Awards

Most Iconic Hand Bra: Jessica Alba For GQ
This master class prompts the question "Who needs a bra, when you have hands?"
jessica alba

Best Hands-Free Hand Bra: Janet Jackson for Rolling Stone
Who needs a bra, when you have someone else's hands?
janet jackson

Best Use Of A Hand Bra, Despite Potential For Hair Bra:Mariah Carey for Ok!
Nick Canon is very supportive.
mariah carey

Most Bra-Like Use Of A Hand Bra: Katy Perry
Katy's hands provide support and coverage / are almost as effective as a real bra.
katy perry

Most Valiant Effort To Save Paper, With Use Of A Hand Bra:Bar Refaeli for Esquire
Runner Up: The Dixie Chicks for Entertainment Weekly
bar refaeli

Best Bloody Hand Bra:"True Blood" Cast for Rolling Stone
[Insert British accent here]
true blood

Most Biblical Hand Bra: Rachel Weisz Cobra for Esquire
This technique is called the "Original Sin."
rachel weisz

Best Maternity Hand Bra: (More) Demi Moore for Vanity Fair
Runner-Up: More Demi Moores
demi moore

Most Nonchalant Hand Bra: Jessica Biel for Gear
More like "Index Finger Bra."
jessica biel

Most Patriotic Hand Bra: Jennifer Aniston for GQ
American flag bikini tops be damned, Jen knows how to sport the colors of this fine country while literally naked.
jennifer aniston

Bonus! Best Top Hat Bra:
miranda kerr

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