Topless Woman Stops Traffic, Slaps Bystander In Monongahela, Pa.

Topless Woman Stops Cars, Slaps Stranger

Who needs a traffic light or stop sign when a topless woman walks down the street?

Traffic came to a halt on Monday in Monongahela, Pa. around 3 p.m. when a shirtless woman stepped out of her car and paraded down the middle of the road for several blocks, The Valley Independent reports.

The unidentified lady also stripped off her pants, spun them around and wore them on her head, TV station WTAE says. Her shoes didn't stay on her feet either. She threw them at passing cars.

The woman was allegedly violent with pedestrians. According to one account, she slapped a man in the face who asked her if she was OK. She also allegedly struck a woman outside a cafe.

She allegedly scuffled with police when they arrested her, but charges have not been pressed, because she is undergoing a mental examination, The Associated Press says.

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