Tori Wheeler Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend Derek Bauer In April Fools' Joke Gone Wrong

Woman Stabs Boyfriend When April Fools' Joke Backfires: Police

An April Fools' joke gone horribly wrong ended with one woman locked in jail and her boyfriend recovering from a stabbing.

Deputies in Wagoner County, Okla. say that 18-year-old Tori Wheeler told her boyfriend, Derek Bauer, that she was pregnant as an April Fools' Day joke, News on 6 reported.

Without seeing the humor in the fib,Bauer got angry, according to Fox 23. Wheeler allegedly brandished a knife and threatened him. Deputies say Wheeler claimed this was just another joke.

Bauer responded by threatening to call the cops, and that's when Wheeler apparently stopped kidding around. Investigators say she admitted that tensions escalated, and she cut Bauer across the throat and bit him twice, according to KJRH.

Wheeler was charged with assault, while her boyfriend needed seven stitches at a hospital.

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