Apparently 'Torn' By Natalie Imbruglia Is A Cover And Twitter Is Shook

Our perfect sky is torn.

Prepare to have all your childhood dreams unravel with this music revelation.

Almost every single ’90s kid will know the lyrics to “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia and cannot resist jamming out when it comes on the radio. The tune is truly and unequivocally iconic.  

And it’s a cover. 

There are probably a lot of people who knew this information already, but it came as a total shock when Twitter user Vilinski Konjic tweeted:

We’re all out of faith. 

The original was written in 1993 for a Danish singer named Lis Sørensen and later recorded by rock band Ednaswap. But it was made popular by Imbruglia. 

Listen, there are always going to be those who couldn’t care less about a song from 1997 and that’s fine. We’re not here for them. We’re here for everyone who cranked up their boomboxes or car radios the second they heard the first note. This is for the people who have some of their fondest memories singing “Torn” at the top of their lungs with their best friends.

Those people are shook to the core

Relive the nostalgia below.



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