Tornado Facebook Group Reunites Oklahoma Victims With Belongings

Facebook Group Reunites Tornado Victims With Their Belongings

When Leslie Hagelberg went outside of her West Tulsa, Okla., home on Sunday evening to check the weather, she noticed what appeared to be insulation and pieces of paper falling from the sky.

But it wasn't until she found a photograph near her mailbox that it dawned on her what was happening: debris and belongings from the tornado that had struck in Shawnee -- 90 miles away -- had made their way to her yard.

Hagelberg logged into Facebook and found that many of her neighbors had reported finding items, so she decided to start a Facebook group to reunite victims of the tornado with their missing belongings.

The Facebook group was expanded Monday, to help people who were affected by the devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., killing dozens of people.

The Facebook group has taken off. As of Monday evening, nearly 7,000 members had joined and pictures of hundreds of items had been posted to the page.

So far, Hagelberg estimated that 60 items -- mostly photos and artwork -- have been claimed by their owners.

Even an urn was claimed after a picture was posted to the page.

"I'm just trying to help," Hagelberg told The Huffington Post. "I couldn't imagine losing my kids' pictures."

"I want everyone to know they're welcome to post whatever they find," she said, noting that people should refrain from posting documents that may contain personal information, like Social Security cards and blank checks.

Visit the Facebook page to help reunite victims of the tornadoes with their belongings.


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