Terrifying Tornado Gives Teens A Prom Photo They'll Never Forget

The monster twister certainly provided a dramatic backdrop.

A tornado gave a teenage couple from Colorado a prom night to remember.

Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend Charlie Bator were getting ready for their dance at Wray High School on Saturday when a monster twister struck nearby. After realizing the tornado was too far away from their homes to be a threat, the pair posed for a photograph in front of the storm:

The tornado gave the couple's prom picture a terrifyingly dramatic backdrop. And when Marintzer posted the image to Facebook, it went viral.

The high school freshman told KMGH that the twister, which struck about 3 miles from her home, caused the prom to be delayed by 45 minutes while school officials made sure all of the students were safe.

NBC News reported that several tornadoes touched down in the area on Saturday, resulting in at least five people suffering minor injuries. Several buildings were also damaged.

One of the tornadoes was also captured on camera in 360-degrees, and can be seen in this virtual reality video.

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