Tornado Strikes Prom At Kansas High School, Students Spend Night In Shelter (WATCH)

WATCH: Kansas Students' Prom Interrupted By Tornado!

The students of Trinity Academy High School in Wichita, Kansas got big surprise on prom night. It was a memorable evening, but not in the way they would've expected, as the biggest night of their high school years was interrupted by a tornado. When sirens began to sound, the event's 90 attendees evacuated their school gym and headed to a nearby tornado shelter.

The tornado was one of over 100 to hit the Plains states in 24 hours, according to the New York Times. Few were killed or injured, which some experts attribute to steadfast warning systems.

Prom-goer Lindsey Porter told CBS News: "We know the tornado's on its way. We heard that it's 10 to 15 minutes away. I've been outside; it's pouring down rain. It's kind of scary."

Without reception in the underground bunker, the students were unable to contact their parents to let them know where they were or to check on the status of the approaching storm. But the students kept their spirits up by belting out songs like "Singing in the Rain."

"It's ridiculous it happened on prom night, of all nights," says Wichita student Preston Crisp. "But it creates a big memory."

After two hours in the shelter, it was announced that the students could safely leave the shelter, and they were able to party at ground-level for the last 30 minutes of prom.

Trinity Academy isn't the only high school affected by a tornado to have a happy ending. Lady Antebellum chose another tornado-ravaged high school in Indiana as the winner of their "Own The Prom" contest. The band will play an event for the schools' juniors and seniors on May 16, to be followed by public concert to raise funds that will benefit the entire Henryville, Indiana community.

"They will be talking about the tornadoes for the rest of their lives," West Clark Community Schools Superintendent Monty Schneider told CNN. "But this event will give them something positive to reflect on about that time."

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