Tornado Touches Down Behind Newlyweds And The Pics Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

These Tornado Wedding Photos Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Every couple dreams of a wedding that sweeps guests off their feet -- just not in the literal sense.

Wedding photographer Colleen Niska captured these incredible photos of two newlyweds posing in front of a tornado in Saskatchewan, Canada on Saturday. In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Monday morning, she promised the photos are 100 percent real.

Niska said the bride and groom "weren't really that scared" of the tornado, which was some distance away. "We had a vehicle ... we were so far away, we had time to get away," she added.

In a Facebook post accompanying the photos, Niska acknowledged she's "Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!"

Environment Canada confirmed to CTV News that two tornadoes touched down roughly in the area of the unnamed couple's wedding Saturday, further proving the photos' authenticity. And as for the wedding itself, the outlet reports wind knocked down a tent at the outdoor reception, but there were no other issues.

The newlyweds' unlikely backdrop has drawn comparisons to photos from a wedding in Oregon last month, when a wildfire nearly interrupted a different couple's ceremony and ultimately led to some jaw-dropping photos.

See the tornado wedding photos, below:

Photography By Colleen Niska
Photography By Colleen Niska
Photography By Colleen Niska
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