Toronto's "Tiny Town" Is A Thriving Community Of Tiny Home Residents (PHOTOS)

In this unusual urban enclave, tiny living brings residents closer in more ways than one.

In all our coverage of tiny house living, we've noticed one predominant trend: the homes tend to be kind of isolated, usually in more rural areas. While there are many practical reasons for these types of locations (read: no strict building codes), we can't help but wonder if the residents miss having neighbors. So we were happily surprised to stumble upon Toronto's "tiny town," an enclave of adorable tiny homes -- and a tight-knit community.

Walk down Craven Road and you'll quickly see why the place is a haven for small living. The street is lined with rows of little homes that each measure under 500 square feet, built in a wide range of styles. The residents tend to be on the younger -- and artsier -- end of the spectrum. And in stark contrast to the idea that urban locales can be just as isolating as a less-populated setting, the residents of "tiny town" know each other beyond a first-name basis. As Spacing Toronto puts it:

"[...]some strange force exists between the people who live on Craven Road, holding them together, as though the fact they all live in similar sized houses makes them more than just neighbours, but instant friends."

We think these "micro neighborhoods" are the future of residential design since they save on space and generally cost less. As The Star reports, compact living might be the most feasible solution for first-time home buyers on a budget. And a built-in community of others living a tiny lifestyle certainly doesn't hurt. For a peek into a couple of the homes you'll find in Toronto's "tiny town," click through our slideshow below. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Fennella Lattey's House

Toronto's Tiny Town

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